Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tut Three

Tutorial Three: Blog Creation Tasks

Task One: Follow instructions to set up a account with Blogger

This will involve setting up a Google account (make note of your user name and password)

Task Two: Follow instructions to complete the following Blog construction tasks

Choose a Blog Template (this can be changed later if you wish)
Provide a Blog title (this will need to incorporate your name and the course title Participation in Occupation 1)
Provide a Blog outline. This is a short statement outlining the purpose of the Blog (this information should come from the course outline and assessment guidelines for Participation in Occupation 1).
Complete your Blog profile (you need to include your age, gender, industry, occupation and location)
Up load a photo to your Blog profile

Task Three: Follow instructions to start posting content. Your first two post should be taken from the technical descriptions for tutorials one and two.

Task Four: Provide a brief summary of the services offered by Blogger (this will be your third posting. Information can be drawn from the attached hand out). In addition to this name one other Blog host.

Blog provides an individual a safe, world-wide website where it’s run by them through the website host blog. A blog gives a person the chance to write posts, put on pictures and communicate with the world through their own blog. The blog is open to everyone who also has a blog so what one posts or makes visible on the blog is their own personal choice responsibility.

On a blog you can:
Steal things from other peoples blogs
Change fonts and colours
Write posts and add pictures
Use videos from you tube and show photos through flickr

Task Five: Upload 5 photos from tutorial 5 onto your flickr account.

Any remaining time can be spent
· Exploring Blogs hosted by Blogger and other services (e.g.myspace)
· Setting up a personal Blog
· Organising your flickr account into groups

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